Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module

Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module
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Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module

Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module

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Honeywell S7800A Series Keyboard Display Module

The S7800A Keyboard Display Module (KDM) provides current system status along with first-out annunciation and system diagnosis using a two-row by twenty-column readout. The KDM provides local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information, remote reset, report generation, burner control data and diagnostic information. The KDM is part of the 7800 SERIES of microprocessor-based burner controls for gas, oil, coal or combination fuel single burner applications.

The 7800 SERIES is programmed to provide a level of safety, functional capabilities and features beyond the capacity of conventional controls.

The S7800A1001 KDM Series 5 offers the following technical advancements to the 7800 SERIES devices:

• Compatible with installed Honeywell 7800 SERIES systems.
• A three screen two-row by twenty-column readout set of Call Service” (Business Card) alpha/numeric directions can be displayed instead of the standard lockout display message. (Pass Code protected feature). This “business card” can be cloned to other displays to save setup time.
• Enable ModBus Communication feature.


• Application flexibility.
• First-out annunciation and system diagnostics provided by 2 row by 20 column Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
• S7800A1001 offers "Call Service" (Business Card) programmable message displayed when system lockout occurs.
• S7800A1001 series 5 and greater has selectable ModBus Feature.
• Local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information.
• First out expanded annunciation with 24 limit and interlock LEDs enhances keyboard display module information.
• Remote reset.
Voltage and Frequency 13 Vdc peak full wave rectified (+20%/ -15%)
Operating Temperature Range -40°F (-40°C) to +140°F (+60°C)
Humidity Range 85% relative humidity continuous, noncondensing
Power Dissipation 7-Watts Maximum
VA Consumption 2 VA Maximum

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